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Originally founded in 1999, pad group is the leading supplier of modern, cutting-edge accommodation management software to the public sector. We currently work with over 70 public sector institutions across the UK, Ireland and Australia. Among our customers are notable institutions such as Oxford University and London School of Economics, and councils such as the Leicestershire and the West Midlands councils.

Pad Group’s overall aim is to facilitate communication between your organisation's housing team, landlords in your region, and tenants living in the private sector. By providing easy-to-use, web based software, we can assist you in saving time and money, whilst also improving the overall quality of your service.

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Why we created safety shaun

Meeting the needs of the public sector

Safety Shaun has been developed in collaboration with Blaby District Council and Reading Borough Council in response to the overwhelming need to offer an engaging way of conveying key health and safety information and housing advice to customers, landlords and tenants.

All the videos convey key health and safety messages in an easy to relate to format and encourage tenants to take responsibility, where possible, for their own health and safety within their rented accommodation.

The videos also direct tenants to where they can seek help, if needed. The videos can be tailored to include your organisation’s logo and the contact information and are available for you to licence.

You can use them however you wish to assist your students, tenants or clients with health and safety housing advice.

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