Safety Shaun Characters


Save time and reduce your workload

The latest addition to your housing team

Reduced Workload

Our experience working with over 70 public institutions has given us a clear understanding of the challenges and constraints many housing services experience.

One of these challenges is the provision of health and safety advice that is both engaging and informative. Fielding enquiries, complaints and issues relating to health and safety can be a serious drain on your organisation's resources.

By introducing Safety Shaun, your organisation can save time and money, preventing many issues before they arise, and having a valuable resource that is available 24/7 to reference when problems do occur.

Engage your tenants, landlords and students

A captivating way to raise health and safety awareness

safety shaun was developed in partnership with Surrey University, Blaby District Council and The Environmental Health and Reading Borough Council; ensuring it meets the requirements of landlords, tenants and students on a wide variety of health and safety issues.

As well as being a modern and dynamic approach to delivering health and safety messages, our research shows that the animated videos are proven to succeed in educating viewers.

80% of test questions were answered correctly during a focus group we ran where participants had first watched the full range of videos.

The bite sized videos are easy to digest and meet the expectations of the modern day service user, ensuring your organisation is up-to-date and delivering a high quality service in an easy to view format.

Engaging Health & Safety

Provide a highly accessible, 24/7 service

Make advice available when and where it is needed

Custom Branding

Your Safety Shaun videos can be tailored to your organisation by including your own branding and contact details. Once licensed, you are then free to make your videos available anywhere you like.

By hosting the videos on your website, or your studentpad or localpad platform, you can make them accessible at any time from any device with internet access.

This allows your organisation to provide an out-of-hours service to users who would otherwise have limited options for accessing health and safety advice. In some cases, this will also negate the need to deal with issues face-to-face or over the phone.